Top 707 Water Heaters In Singapore in 2020

Top 707 Water Heaters In Singapore in 20202020-04-07T21:18:39+08:00

Water heaters make showering a relaxing and enjoyable activity that you and your family look forward to. A high-quality option that can be used for a prolonged period, should be what you are searching for.

These are 5 of the top water heaters from one of the best water heater brands in Singapore, 707 Water Heater.

1. 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater

It provides superb showers to every bathroom. It contains several valuable characteristics, goes beyond the set safety requirements, and incorporates an elegant look making it a top water heater alternative in Singapore.

Main features of this product include:

  • Copper Tank
  • A Singapore seal of safety
  • Non-slip rubberized properties
  • Automatic multi-level anti-scald protection, scalding level indicator, temperature control, pressure-relief device, and splash-proof

The integrated safety characteristics of this instant heater such as warning indicators, pressure relief, anti-scalding, temperature flow control, and a pledge of safety for meeting Singapore’s safety measures will enable you to thoroughly delight in your shower. In today’s market, it is an excellent water heater you can buy.

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2. 707 Alpine Instant Water Heater

Manufactured from high-end materials, this is a superior water heater. Currently, in Singapore, it is among the leading products for a premium storage water heater.

Key Features of this model:

  • Pick from 5 shower head choices
  • Chrome Shower Sliding Kit
  • Water tank made from superior copper
  • Automatic anti-scald safeguard
  • Controlled water flow for ideal shower temperature

It’s suitable for both adults and children, and because it is created from durable components, you are 100% assured it will serve you for years, even with constant usage.

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3. 707 Compact Instant Heater

707’s Compact instant heaters have proven their simplicity and reliability throughout the years of use by many Singapore households. As expected, your household will experience cosy showers without worry from this heater.

Some main features:

Many households use this product for a reason. They have set up this instant heater in their homes because it reliably provides showers that are comfortable in a basic water heater. Besides, it can be fitted quickly and it will work for your household.

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4. 707 Kensington Electric Storage Water Heater

Do you require a bigger tank for your huge family? This water heater is a superb option that you can rely on. The brand has existed for thirty years, therefore you are guaranteed that it is a dependable storage water heating technology.

Heater features include:

  • Responsive with various distinctive attributes to fulfil the needs of everyone
  • The best certifications in safety standards
  • Versatile Setup
  • Tank warranty for 10 years

707 has established itself as a trusted partner for Singapore households that provides a safe and comfortable shower experience. This tank effectively delivers on the requirements of a busy household.

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5. 707 Queenston Instant Water Heater

After a torrid, long day at work, nothing calms you better than a warm shower. The Queenston Instant is the perfect water heater to provide just that. Reward yourself with this device that lets out shower water at the right and preferable temperature levels.

The main product characteristics include:

  • Completely digitized temperature regulation
  • Efficient water heating mechanism
  • Compliant with Singapore product safety guidelines
  • Multi delivery system

Depending on the settings you select, this product delivers water at the exact temperature to various water sources. It guarantees the safety and has all the elements of a high-end water heater. Included in the package is a massage shower set which can provide a more relaxed shower time.

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707 Brand

The 707 Brand is famous for premium quality household appliances such as their favourite instant water heaters that are installed in a majority of Singapore homes. This home-grown business places its customers’ well-being and family as its topmost priorities.

Purchase our favourite 707 brands today:

1 – 707 Princeton Instant Water Heater

2 – 707 Alpine Instant Water Heater


What are the best water heater brands in Singapore?❓

Some of the best water heater brands in Singapore are 707, Joven, and Ariston.

Is 707 a good water heater brand?

707 is one of the most popular brands of water heaters in Singapore. They have been producing water heaters and shower packages for decades, which are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 707 ensures energy-efficient supply of hot water, while ensuring its user's safety.

How much does a 707 water heater cost? 💸

Depending on the model of water heater, 707 water heaters will cost around 250-350 SGD.