5 Best Ariston Water Heater in Singapore – Complete Review 2020

5 Best Ariston Water Heater in Singapore – Complete Review 20202019-12-15T09:07:45+08:00

When searching for high-quality water heaters available in Singapore, one of the pleasantly surprising brands is Ariston. Apart from providing its exceptional feature in durability, the Italian brand has also put in a lot of work, money, and time in its water heating technology.

For this reason and many more, the brand is still exceedingly popular in Singapore, for both commercial and residential properties.

Although you can be guaranteed that a majority, if not all, Ariston products are of high quality, we’ve put together a shortlist of 5 water heater models that we specifically liked, particularly with regards to practicality and functions.

1. Ariston Andris Slim Storage Water Heater (20L)

For a relatively smaller household that has much space left, this Andris water heater is an excellent option. You can not only enjoy temperature consistency, but you can also have great water pressure with this small water heater, and hence, it’s ideal for occasional heating requirements.

Other features worth looking out for include:

  • Energy-saving
  • Max working temperature of 80°C
  • Titanium-enamel tank
  • Pressure and corrosion resistance

What’s more, this Andris Slim comes with straightforward and user-friendly controls. Typically, it often heats up in just a few seconds. For those who think of themselves as living a fast-paced lifestyle, this is also an excellent choice. Buy this Andris Slim here.

2. Ariston SMC33 Aures Smart Instant Water Heater

Ariston water heaters often come with sleek designs that we found absolutely hard not to love. What’s more, it has considerably great temperature control that allows you to have a more comfortable shower experience.

Some other features you should look out for when buying include:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Push knob to allow an easy switch
  • Anti-scalding system 2.0
  • Multiple spray options shower head

In the market today, this Ariston water heater classifies as one of the simplest to use shower/ heater and is ideal for general family use. Get the price of Aures Smart heater.

3. Ariston Andris-15R Storage Water Heater

When it comes to this model, you can conveniently install it in your bathroom or kitchen. Since the whole casing is built from high-quality materials, you can rest assured that this will last five years or more, with relatively less maintenance.

Some other features you should look out for include:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Anti-scalding system 2.0
  • Multiple spray options shower head

You can get here the price for this Andris storage water heater.

4. Ariston Andris Lux Electric Storage Water Heater (30L)

In general, this tiny package of the Andris Lux storage water heater comes with a lot of features. With this water heater, you’re going to make use of premium technology that operates behind it, which is one of its exceptional features.

Check out other features worth considering:

  • 1500 watts power
  • Max working temperature of 78°C
  • Titanium-enamel tank
  • Pressure and corrosion resistance

In the market today, Ariston supplies one of the most long-lasting and trusted water heaters. If you decide to purchase this storage water heater, you will absolutely get what you pay for this appliance that also allows a comfortable and safe shower experience, with considerably less maintenance. Buy this Andris Lux model here.

5. Ariston ST33 Aures Lux Instant Water Heater

In general, this a more complex type of water heater that you have been commonly using. What’s even more appealing is that you don’t have to be bothered about water burns since this water heater will ensure to supply you with constant and controlled temperature and water flow.

Check out these other features:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Min. Water Flow: 2 Lit/Min
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Water Proofing Casing (IP 25)

Undoubtedly, Ariston keeps in mind the safety of its users. You can find this in their product’s technology and design. Get this model here.

Should I Buy an Ariston Water Heater?

For more than 80 years now, Ariston has been in operation and has always paid much attention to thermal technologies. It’s no surprise, therefore, how the brand has become popular in Asia, especially in Singapore. It ensures consumer safety and comfort.

If you want to buy water heaters and are looking for a reputable brand, then Ariston is the solution. Get these high-quality Ariston heaters for your home!