Instant Water Heater Singapore – Honest Review for the Top 7 Brands

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Are you looking for the best water heater brand in the country? As always at XPRO, we aim to please. That’s why we decided to compile this comprehensive water heater Singapore review. We’ll go through the best brands on the market and see how they stack up base on our past water heater installation experience.

A Rundown of the Top Water Heater Singapore Brands

Ariston Water Heater

These are priced from about $150 for a basic instant heater to around $300 for one of the larger tank designs.

Ariston makes a wide range of instant and tank heaters. They are known for producing high-quality products that look great and work even better. The firm sticks to the idea that appliances should be both stylish and functional.

Ariston water heater also takes safety very seriously. Their products have a range of safety features built-in – for example, an anti-scalding feature. This is essential if you have young children or someone who is frail in your home.

All products are fully guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s defects. The tanks are guaranteed not to burst if properly installed and used. The guarantee is valid for a period of five years. Overall, these products offer great value for money and affordable pricing.

Ariston Aures Smart Instant Water Heater – SMC33

Ariston Andris Lux 30L Electric Storage Water Heater

Joven Water Heater

With products ranging between $120 and $300, you’re bound to find something here to match your pocket. The Joven range prioritizes efficiency over other features. Some of the products in the line can cut water heating costs by as much as 20%.

You get to save money and do your bit for the environment – it’s a win-win. We all need to look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and this makes that a little easier. Joven water heater also uses high-quality materials like stainless steel to stave off corrosion and to ensure durability.

What we like most about this brand, though, is that they’ve put serious thought into creating a product that is versatile. Many of the products in this line can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the space available to you.

Also, if you have been disappointed in the past by low water pressure from instant heaters, you need to look at this range. They have options in this area that feature different water patterns. Unlike your typical instant heater, you can adjust the pressure to suit you.

Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater

Joven Water Storage Heater – Horizontal – JH25HE

Rheem Water Heater

This company does not offer quite as an extensive range as the others. It focused instead on creating storage heaters that are both high-quality and safe to use. You’re looking at around $250 – $300 for their standard models.

What we really like about this company is that they take efficiency to the next level. Not only do the tanks employ the latest in energy-saving tech, but they are also coated with an insulating material. This helps the tank to retain heat for longer, and you’ll therefore pay less for your electricity.

One thing that we would have liked to see, though, was a better guarantee. For now, it’s just a year. We’re not concerned about the quality of the products, but we did feel that they should extend this to give clients that extra peace of mind.

Rheem RH388 Instant Water Heater

Rheem Vertical Storage Heater – 23L – 85VP6S

707 Water Heater

We fully believe in supporting local brands that offer quality products, and 707 scores on both counts. It was founded in Singapore and still runs most of its operations here. The advantage with this is that getting replacement parts or good aftersales service is a breeze.

707 water heater focuses on creating the perfect experience for clients. You’ll pay around $265 to $300 for a storage heater. For that money, you’ll get an appliance that is durable, stylish, and energy-saving.

The water pressure is excellent with this brand. If the style is important to you, consider the minimalist designs the company uses. We love the way that they’re designed to be unobtrusive in any setting.

707 – Alpine Instant Water Heater

707 – Kensington Electric Storage Water Heater

Rubine Water Heater

Rubine has established a reputation for quality products that are environmentally friendly. The company has taken the best British-engineered elements to create heaters that are highly functional.

You’re looking at between $130 and $300 for their models. Generally speaking, they offer great value for money without sacrificing quality. Some of their models also feature water pressure boosters.

If you live in an apartment, you’ll appreciate this feature. It ensures that you always get great water pressure, even if the building’s pressure is on the low side.

The company has also taken the effort to create designs that look stylish. It doesn’t matter which model you get; it’ll always look good.

The tanks come with a five-year warranty. As long as they are installed by a properly certified professional, they are guaranteed not to burst within that timeframe. You are fully covered in the event that there is a problem related to a manufacturer’s defect.

Rubine 1388B Bow Instant Heater

Rubine – Instant heater RWH-73SE

Mistra Water Heater

Mistral is a growing Singapore favourite when it comes to instant and storage water heaters. The brand is popular in residences, hotels, and condominium units. One of the best things that set this brand apart from its competitor is its value for money. The company has been around for more than five decades, and throughout its transition, the company has managed to retain its brand image – quality and grace.

Mistral Instant Water Heater – MSH303i

Mistral Instant Shower Heater – MSH708

Among their recent models of the shower, heaters are now Splash Proof to IP25 ensuring reliability and safety of their products. Since the company has transitioned to production of natural products, Mistral Water Heaters are now becoming more environment-friendly, with most of their models needing less energy.

Mistral is also best known for their slimline water heaters, which is popular among houses in Singapore, due to the minimal space it requires upon installation, but nonetheless credible temperature control. Even their storage water heaters also come in a slim design, for it to easily complement with almost any bathroom layout.

Champs Water Heater

Champs has fully established itself in the electric water heater market by providing its clients with sophisticated technologies in all their products. It also competes with other international brands by ensuring that their water heater products pass global standards. Champs is also hands-on in their products, being on top of all the processes from design to manufacturing.

Champs City Electric Instant Water Heater

Champs A30PRO 30L Electric Storage Water Heater

The company believes in providing their consumers with a reliable shower companion by constantly upgrading their products both in terms of functionality and creative design. Their electric water heaters remain one of the most modern in the market today.

Among Champs’ leading products include their Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower Set. This water heater provides every property with a luxurious shower experience, backed with a reliable water system. The design is also subtle and elegant, which is meant to match almost any bathroom look, whether it’s a residential or hotel-type unit.

Their storage water heaters, such as the Water Heater A30 Pro has been a best seller in Singapore due to its intricate and durable design. The storage water heater tanks are also guaranteed to be energy-efficient proving it to be a worthwhile investment.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Heater

The first thing to consider is what type of heater to get. Do you want an instant heater to save on space? Or would you prefer a tank heater that keeps a constant supply of hot water?

If you like taking a rain shower, the latter is the better option. If you want a virtually unlimited supply of hot water, then the instant heater will be a far better bet for you.

You’ll need to choose the best option based on:

  • The space available to you. Do you have the space to put in a tank? If your space is limited, an instant water heater is your best bet.
  • How much hot water you’ll need on an average day. Do you have a lot of people coming and going? Tank heaters can store a fair amount of water, but it’s not a limitless supply. If you have a larger family or use a lot of hot water, the instant heater might work out better.
  • Your budget. We’d advise getting the best model you can afford. This is a purchase that will last a long time, so get what you need now. There are plenty of options available at different price points, so you’ll be able to find something within your budget.

If you need help deciding which type to get, give us a call. We’ll help you zero in on the perfect model for your home and budget.

Buy the Best Water Heater from Us and Let Us Install for You at a Discounted Price

Some companies jack up the prices that they charge on labour to make up for a lower price offered on the appliances. We’re not like that – we’ll give you the best deal both in terms of materials and labour.

Give us a call and get your quote today. We’re confident that you won’t get a better deal elsewhere. If you’re looking for the best service in Singapore at the best possible price, you’ve come to the right place.


What are the top water heater brands in Singapore?

Mistral, Ariston, 707, Rubine, Rheem, Joven, and Champs are the top water heater brands in 🇸🇬.

What are the types of water heater? 🤔

Storage water heater and instant water heater. Storage water heater will require a tank, where the water is constantly heated. Instant water heater on the other hand, heat water on-demand. Instead of a tank, the water is heated as it passes through a pipe.

Will waater heater not burn my skin?🚿

Water heaters come with anti-scalding feature. This means that the water temperature will not reach as high as causing skin burns.

How much does a water heater cost in Singapore? 💸

Depending on the type and model, water heater prices start at 150 SGD.