Different Kinds of Water Heaters, Explained

A water heater is an essential appliance in many homes. You don’t always go to the hardware store to find a buy a new water heater which means you have to get it right once you’re looking for a replacement for your old heater.

The technology of today has allowed manufacturers to build different kinds of water heaters for home use. It would be easier if you armed yourself with basic knowledge on water heater systems to make an educated purchase.

There are many features such as instant water heater, gas water heater, among others. You can also choose from different water heater brands when you visit a store. The goal of this article is to help you narrow down your choices and decide on the water heater that you think will work for your home.

Water Heater with Storage Tank

This is the more traditional type of water heater where you have a tank that stores a maximum volume of water at a time. This will be heated through the system and the capacity of the tank will determine the available water for use.

The system heats the water inside the tank which is an insulated container storing the heat inside the tank. Hot water is released through the pipes connected to your main water system delivering nice hot water in your home.

Common safety features are installed in these types of water heaters in their two-valve system. A temperature valve opens when the temperature goes above 120o Fahrenheit. A pressure valve opens when the pressure goes above 150 psi.

On-demand Heater (Tankless)

This type of water heater uses heated coils to store water and raise its temperature quickly enough delivering water at the right temperature. Unlike conventional water heaters, there is no limit to the volume of hot water that can be heated at once with a tankless type.

Buyers should think about the size of the water heater to ensure that it can heat enough water for your home’s consumption. The larger the tankless water heater you have the more gas it needs to function properly. You can also own an electric version of this type of water heater, but you must be prepared to pay for larger electric bills.

Hybrid Heater

A hybrid water heater uses heat pump technology to gather heat from the outside air and ground to raise the temperature of the water. This is the energy-saving type of water heater because it doesn’t use up too much electricity.

The best water heater in Singapore of this type consumes 50 percent less electricity than the on-demand and traditional water heater. This is a welcome fact for homeowners looking to reduce their electric bill.

Its energy-saving feature can be used to justify purchasing a space-eating water heater like this. The heat pump is found atop the water heater which can be as high as 2.5 meters. You need enough vertical clearance to properly install this kind of heater.

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