Features to look for in a Water Heater

Water heaters today have different features that are installed to make operation easier and efficient. The technology has advanced enough to make highly capable heater systems inside water heaters that would benefit your home.

These advancements can also be a headache because you might be getting features that you don’t need or worse, that you don’t want. It would be prudent on your part, as a buyer, to look for the features you need.

Product Warranty

Water heaters in Singapore have warranty that are different from each other. They can have different prices and can have longer or shorter periods of coverage. The responsible thing to do is to check the warranty since you use this appliance daily.

Warranty coverage will protect you from unwanted damages saving you from taking out a lot of money for repairs. Brands offer two-year warranties and there are those the offer 10-year warranties. You can even find a manufacturer that has a 12-year coverage.

Families who have settled down in a place should purchase a warranty that covers them for as long as they can because it will protect them in the future from additional costs. The premium payments will be worth it in the end because water heaters are vulnerable to break downs.

Materials used

Manufacturers of heaters in Singapore generally use the same materials to build the machine. A common part where manufacturers use different materials is the drain valve. You have a choice between brass and plastic used for your valves.

Both materials have different reactions to heat which is why you need to know how they are affected. Plastic valves react less to heat and doesn’t corrode easily. Brass valves are more durable but will accrue damage faster than plastic valves. The differences in the materials will boil down to your preference which is why you must think about it.

Volume and Capacity

Volume capacity of your water heater should factor into your decision when you purchase a water heater. Capacity can also dictate the water heater price because larger capacities will mean that you will pay more for it.

You need to monitor your water usage to know that volume of water total for your family. Individuals have different water usage which means you need to check the water monitoring system of your utility provider.

There is a rule of thumb that plumbers could tell you if you consult them. The best water heater brand should deliver enough water for a family of four with a 40 to 50 gallon water tank. You can adjust depending on the number of people in your household.

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