8 Best Joven Water Heater in Singapore – 2020 Honest Review

8 Best Joven Water Heater in Singapore – 2020 Honest Review2019-12-15T10:08:28+08:00

Joven is among the market leaders if you’re searching for a trusted water heater brand. They have been given the go-ahead by the PSB and IECC and are among the best when it comes to matters of the product’s safety features.

Here’s why you should consider Joven water heater Singapore as your preferred service provider:

1. Joven Water Storage Heater Horizontal Heat Elevator – JH25HE

This unit comes fitted with innovative heat elevator technology making it even more energy efficient. This means that when you use this model, you save more time.

Things we like include:

  • With HE Technology, it can save energy up to 20%
  • Triple Safety System that includes a Thermal Cut-Off and Thermostat Safety Cut-Out, Drain Valve and Pressure Relief
  • For maximum Insulation, it has CFC Free High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The model carries 25 liters that’s more than enough to sustain household needs. This model is particularly suited for large families so that everybody can enjoy a comfortable shower experience with a large and robust water heater system like this.

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2. Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater

The Joven SB11 instant water heater is the best selection for all your heater needs. It’s among the most relied on the product and trusted by several individuals and business consumers.

Things we like include:

  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • Hygienic, durable and safe 3 Layer Reinforced Flexi-Hose
  • Ceramic Quarter Turn SF valve ( Stoppage Valve, Water Saving Volume Control, and Built-In Filter)

It consists of high-quality materials that make it among the best Joven storage heaters available in the market. Make sure to obtain this instant water heater.

3. Joven JH-35 35L Horizontal Electric Storage Water Heater

The Joven JH-35 35L Horizontal Electric Storage Water Heater is yet another energy-saving device with a larger storage capacity to suit a big household.

Here are some of the things we love about this unit:

  • Patented Ring Bracket Mount
  • 7.7 Imp. Gals or 35 Liters Tank Capacity
  • High-quality materials to ensure longevity

What’s more, is that these units are built to last and are one of the longest-lasting water heaters in the market.

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4. Joven EC757 Instant Water Heater

It’s among the most cost-effective water heater models that has excellent performance. Other than being affordable, the Joven EC757 Instant Water Heater comes with a lot of features.

Some of the things wen love include:

  • Quarter Turn SF Valve (Stoppage Valve, Built-In Filter and Water Saving Volume Control)
  • IP25 Splash Proof Protection
  • Inclinable Wall Bracket

The showerhead is an attractive feature offering five different sprays depending on your requirements. You can get a wide spray or jet spray depending on your tastes and preference. Other than the budget-friendly price, the model is also energy efficient.

It’s available for purchase here.

5. Joven JH-15 15L Electric Storage Water Heater

This model is a much smaller version of the two previously mentioned water heaters, but it still packs a punch. It can carry 15 liters, which means it’s sufficient for a small household with minimal time of usage.

Here are things we like:

  • High-quality flame retardant ABS plastic
  • There’s a safety cut-out when it reaches 95 degrees Celsius
  • When heater tank isn’t filled with water, it protects from continuous dry burn

For higher efficiency, the model uses copper sheaths. The unit has a low watt density, which assists it heats faster without having to consume too much energy.

Have this Joven heater installed and start saving up on energy costs today.

6. Joven 565 Series Instant Heater

This one of the more durable models that’s sleek, compact, and stylish. It also comes with five varying spray types including Wide Spray perfect for a long relaxed shower, Jet Spray for your stifled muscles and showering the stress away, Mixed spray which a is a combo of the aforementioned two, Medium Spray offering a healing shower experience and the Maxi spray that’s a mixture of the Medium and Wide spray.

Things we like:

  • An Electronic step-less Power Control `
  • Hygienic, Durable and Safe 3 Layer Reinforced Flexi-Hose
  • Quarter Turn Ceramic SF Valve with a Stop Valve, Water Saving Volume Control, and Built-In Filter

You just have to love the multi-spray types and is ideally suited for properties being rented out. It will add the unit/house value instantaneously!

This 565 Series is available for purchase here.

7. Joven SA15m Instant Water Heater

This is a more small version of the Joven SA20 model. This particular model has three varying patterns, Wide Spray, Jet Spray, and Mai Spray.

Things To Love:

  • Auto Flow Sensor Switch
  • Slim Slider Set Bar Design
  • Correct temperature control
  • Consistent water temperature

It’s safe for your home, given that it’s IP25 Splash proof and contains a surge protector.

8. Joven SA20 Instant Water Heater

This is among the most sought out Joven models thanks to its top-notch performance and contemporary design. The stepless electronic control can accurately control the water heater temperature.

Things to love:

  • Stylish JOMET Silver Casing
  • Electronic Power Control that’s Stepless
  • Slim Slider Set Bar Design
  • Spray Pattern Hand Shower with 3 Click Select feature

This latest smart technology model is an extremely convenient water heater that ensures a safe and comfortable shower experience.

Make sure to buy the Joven SA20 model here.

Should I Get a Joven Water Heater?

In Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, Joven is among the top players in the water heater industry. They are known for their budget-friendly, best quality, and safe water heater. Regardless of the model you pick, they have all been approved in Singapore.

If all these reasons are not sufficient o convince you, they are SO 9001:2008 accredited by Moody International Certification Ltd. It assures you everything will be top-notch and that your home will be better and safe with a Joven Water Heater.

No longer will you have to endure uneven or cold shower temperature with Joven. Each bath is as relaxing as it can be.

Our best recommendations include

1 – Joven Water Storage Heater Horizontal Heat Elevator – JH25HE

2 – Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater

3 – Joven JH-35 35L Electric Horizontal Storage Water Heater