Several Reasons to Buy & Install A New Water Heater

Water heaters, like any appliance, will eventually run out its service life which is why you need to buy and install a new one. A non-operational water heater is a sure sign that you need a new one, of course. But there are less obvious reasons that you don’t know about which might signal a replacement of a faulty water heater or a full upgrade.



The warranty of an appliance protects you from repairs and damages on the machine within it’s predicted service life. It would be a good idea to install a new water heater if it has gone past its warranty for several years.

This timeline is indicative of a few details that you might not consider until it’s too late. The technology of your heater would be considered outdated, maybe even obsolete, a few years after your warranty expires. It can also mean that the components are worn out and it has less electrical efficiency that when it first started.

Water heater installation will cost you, but it will be worth it if you can avoid any additional damage from an inefficient heater. Consider an upgrade of your heating system when your warranty has expired today.



Many consider a leaking water heater a plumbing issue. This will cost you in repairs and will be a hassle because the repairs will require time. There are instances where the hole causing the leak can take a long time to find.

Plumbers can even recommend that you replace your water heater if your machine has irreparable damage. Water heater Singapore installation is easy to find especially if you have a reliable plumber working with you.


Families can grow big enough that the old water heater installed in your home will not be able to heat enough volume of water when you need it. This can be very annoying for those that want to take a bath or clean your house.

A bigger water tank can serve more people in your household. Upgrading to a new water tank will have a corresponding water heater installation price. Find a service provider that can provide you with affordable installation and a quality heater.

Building Code


The building code of your area can change which is an important consideration for water heater owners that live in apartments in Singapore. A change like this may require you to replace your water heater. Monitor them regularly.


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